A Long-Awaited Addition

One of Michelle's longest and closest friendships throughout college was with Jonathan Jordan and she still remembers when she met Christa how she talked about hoping to one day adopt. After being roommates, Christa helping with our engagement, and attending Jonathan & Christa's wedding, the Elizaldes consider the Jordans our family. And, boy have we all waited for their first addition!

Jonathan and Christa decided to adopt from Japan and have boldly made their journey very public to help educate and encourage others into adoption (see their blog here: http://spoonfulofjordan.blogspot.com/2013/03/guess-what.html). After a year of prayers, tears, fundraisers, and hopes, baby Kai Samuel Jordan was brought home. Elizalde Photography was lucky enough to be at the airport for the homecoming!


Although there were TONS of cameras at this homecoming, Kai immediately fell in love with our camera and we have a feeling that we'll be documenting his growth for a long time!

Welcome home Baby J, we're so glad you are here!