Baleigh Bridal Session

This photo shoot is definitely one for the books. I’ll let Baleigh’s mom tell you in her own words: 

"When we started planning Baleigh’s wedding there were a few things of which we were sure! Very few! One of those things was that we would use Elizalde Photography.  Yesterday, I would say that we got to know Javier and Michelle not only as photographers but as the beautiful person that each of them is. As soon as Baleigh started to tell us that she didn't feel well, Javier went to get her some water. Before he could get back Baleigh absolutely, positively fainted! I have never seen someone in an arm's length to me faint! Michelle (yelling, "Javi! Javi, we need you!") on one side and I on the other lowered her to ground! Javier ran back to us just as Baleigh was "coming to." He picked her up and carried her to his car where Michelle had it started and the AC blowing! As we were sitting there cooling off and collecting ourselves, Michelle asked if she could pray over Baleigh. And pray she did. A beautiful heartfelt plea that I know was heard and answered. Then, these two sweet souls insisted on driving us to get Baleigh something to eat! Some of the most beautiful pictures were taken at the end of the shoot, when Baleigh proudly proclaimed, "maybe that's why God let me faint!!!"

We’re so glad you’re feeling better Baleigh!